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Togobay services are a effective way to advertise not just your restaurant(s) location / contact information but also your menu.  Even if you do not offer your menu to go, your customers will benefit from being able to view the actual dining in menu online, easing the ordering process and customers will be able place orders faster because they are already familiar with your menu and they ready to order.

Our rates are very affordable and are a fraction of the cost that you may already be paying for advertising. Can you afford not to be listed on To Go Bay? We offer several subscription packages for you to choose from to meet your advertising needs.

Service Package Details
Choose the plan that fits your needs.
Service Packages Premium Standard Plus Standard Free
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Name / Address / City
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Online / Download of actual Restaurant Menu

Full Restaurant details from search results
Online Restaurant Comment Card
Togobay email address
Restaurant Logo / image in restaurant details section
Limited size of 200x100
Offline - Restaurant
Profile / Menu Updates

(Mail-in / Fax / Email)

12 free
then $10 per update
Limited to one update per calendar month
10 free
then $10 per update
Limited to one update per calendar month
$25 per update $25 per update
External links for your PDF menu / comment card
Restaurant Listing is listed before Free Listings
Restaurant Listing is listed before Standard Listings
Restaurant Listing is listed before Free / Standard / Standard Plus Listings
Yearly Costs $140.00 $85.00 $35.00 Free

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To sign up for any of our services click the button above or contact Togobay at: or (510) 214-5692

Reasons to choose Togobay
  1. Very low cost advertising compared to all other methods of advertising. Which makes it very low risk to your advertising budget.

  2. Your actual dine-in or take-out menu will be available online and for download. Which makes the ordering easier and the menu consistent and familiar for the customer.

  3. Togobay is the largest San Francisco bay area restaurant directory. Our restaurant coverage is from Vallajo to as south as Monterey. Which makes Togobay the ideal restaurant search tool for finding any type of restaurant in the bay area. Our business focus is strictly concentrated on the San Francisco bay area.

  4. We generate traffic to Togobay, by using numerous mediums for delivery such as Yahoo and Google Advertising campaigns, local in-house marketing, and outsourced marketing firms. 

  5. For those restaurants that do not have a website, Togobay gives your restaurant a presence on the internet without the headaches and maintenance of owning a website.

  6. For those restaurants that have a website, Togobay gives your restaurant additional website coverage that can drive traffic to your website, but more importantly drive traffic to your restaurant.

  7. Very competitive pricing, compared to our competitors our Premium package is 30% less then what the others are advertising as their starting price.

  8. Need more reasons? Give us a call at (510) 214-5692

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