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Togobay provides online restaurant menus for residents in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The purpose of our website is to try and eliminate the need for a drawer full of to go menus, reduce confusion when ordering food over the phone, and to quickly find a restaurant based on : food type, city, services, or lunch and dinner menu. You might have noticed that the website is simple and plain, which is intentional.

What good is a website that is over advertised, full of clutter, and hard to navigate?  We want unbiased search results and restaurant menus and that is all! That is what you will get on Togobay.

Our database is slowly growing and the pursuit for more restaurant menus will be ongoing. If you have a particular restaurant menu that you would like to see here, please send us their name, phone number, along with your comments and we will be happy to contact the restaurant for our listing. Also feel free to tell the manager or your waiter next time you are dining out that they should be listed on Togobay!


Monee Laudan

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